Dr. Self is an academic researcher and instructor who explores the integration of faith, epistemology, higher education, leadership, and public discourse.  He is Assistant Provost for Academic Development and the Program Director for Integrated Studies at Abilene Christian University Dallas.  He is also the Director of ACU’s Center for Online Development and Innovation.

Scott earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Disorders at Abilene Christian University, his Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology at the University of Texas Dallas, and his Ph.D. in Higher Education Research at Texas Tech University.

Dr. Self has also worked in Christian ministry, both in part-time and full-time capacities, in West Texas, Dallas, and Honolulu.  He believes that his identity as a disciple of Christ supersedes the other facets of his work and relationships, and strives to understand and practice the virtue of agapé in every part of his life.