Christians in the Public Square

Scott Self and Cole Bennett discuss topics and issues related to Christianity, citizenship, and brotherhood. We hold extremely different views on the relationship between the state and the economy; but we share a deep and abiding love and admiration for each other, and whomever wanders into the studio with us. Search for us on all of the podcasting platforms (Apple, Spotify, Overcast, etc.), or check out the most recent episodes below!

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The Three Tenets

At the beginning of each episode, you’ll hear us rehearse the three rules that define our podcast. The podcast “The Partially Examined Life” is due proper credit for the idea of three rules.

  • Sacred cows make great barbecue – We will scoff at orthodoxy whenever we please.
  • Let your flag fly proudly – We will argue vigorously for our points of view.
  • Bros before politicos – We are brothers first, and everything else is just details.


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  • Scott interrogates Cole to understand his definition of "harm construed narrowly."  Contact Us: Email: cpsquarepodcast@gmail.com Twitter: @cp_square Dr. Self's Website: jscottself.com Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy
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  • Scott and Cole are joined by Andy Little to discuss the role of corporations, corporate responsibilities, and Christian ethics in the corporate world. Andy wants the world to know that […]
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  • Scott and Cole discuss a controversy in the SBC, and Scott tries to argue that the problem runs deeper than the issue they're fighting over. Links: Our Lord Isn’t Woke: […]
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  • ***sorry for the technical difficulties. The intro didn’t seem to make it on the published version, so there’s some unexpected silence at the beginning *** This episode is actually Episode […]