Christians in the Public Square

Scott Self and Cole Bennett discuss topics and issues related to Christianity, citizenship, and brotherhood. We hold extremely different views on the relationship between the state and the economy; but we share a deep and abiding love and admiration for each other, and whomever wanders into the studio with us. Search for us on all of the podcasting platforms (Apple, Spotify, Overcast, etc.), or check out the most recent episodes below!

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The Three Tenets

At the beginning of each episode, you’ll hear us rehearse the three rules that define our podcast. The podcast “The Partially Examined Life” is due proper credit for the idea of three rules.

  • Sacred cows make great barbecue – We will scoff at orthodoxy whenever we please.
  • Let your flag fly proudly – We will argue vigorously for our points of view.
  • Bros before politicos – We are brothers first, and everything else is just details.


  • At the end of Season 2, Scott enters the Speakers' Corner to argue that the church's cozy relationship with conservatism is a tragic flaw of American Christianity. Also, if you […]
  • In this Speakers' Corner, Cole makes a free-market argument. He distracted Scott with barbecue sufficiently to make his argument free from interruption or disputation. Let us know if you have […]
  • Scott and Cole discuss three different articles about the relationship between race, social groups, and Christianity. Links: "Is the Anti-Racism Training Industry Just Peddling White Supremacy?" By Jonathan Chait "America […]
  • Scott and Cole respond to listener feedback. Cole wonders how Scott can assert that Christianity is non-coercive while voting for policies that are coercive. Contact Us: Email: cpsquarepodcast@gmail.com Twitter: @cp_square […]
  • Cole and Scott discuss monuments to people and ideas in the public square. We also discuss whether monuments to people are consistent with Christian values. Links: Nathan Bedford Ford Statue […]
  • Scott and Cole are joined by Bryan Stewart to discuss the church's appeal to the state for protection and to settle disputes. Come and see the violence inherent in the […]
  • Scott and Cole are joined by Kenneth Pybus to discuss the history of abortion law, the efforts to reverse Roe v. Wade, and Kenneth's view of his role as a […]
  • Friend of the show Kobi Nelson shares her perspective on gratitude.
  • Scott and Cole discuss the film "AKA Jane Roe," and react to the issues raised in the film about abortion, the right to life movement, and Christianity. Links: Trailer for […]
  • Cole's essay defines capitalism as a pure and simple exchange of mutual self-interest.  Links: Nohria, Nitin, Thomas R. Piper, and Bridget Gurtler. "Malden Mills (A)." Harvard Business School Case 404-072, […]