A podcast for doctoral students and those who love them

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it … but it’s not. Earning a doctorate taps several skills and abilities: some of which rarely get talked about in public. Doc101 is a podcast for doctoral students, with particular attention to some of the “soft skills” necessary to earn one’s degree. Search for us on all of the podcasting platforms (Apple, Spotify, Overcast, etc.), or check out the most recent episodes below!


  • J. Scott Self, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, School of Educational Leadership. Abilene Christian University.
  • Linnea Rademaker, Ph.D. – Professor, School of Educational Leadership. Abilene Christian University
  • Peter Williams, Ph.D. – Associate Professor of Educational Leadership. Texas A&M, Commerce


  • Jason Titus, a recent Ph.D. from Texas Christian, joined us to discuss the question, "What do you wish you knew when you started."  Contact Us: Email: Dr. J. Scott Self […]
  • (in my loudest "Ross" voice): We were on a break. We were on a BREAK! In this episode, we were joined by Dr. Alexandra Babino, Assistant Professor of Bilingual Education […]
  • Thomas Brooks and Daniel Chadborn join us to discuss their transition from new doctorate to a full-time tenure-track faculty role, and revisit their doctoral experience through that lens. The Psychosocial […]
  • Joan Otten joined us to discuss her experience of cognitive dissonance in the dissertation. Linnea was her chair, so this was an especially rich and valuable conversation. Contact Us: Email: […]
  • We discuss the ways we manage the distractions that come with stress, joy, sorrow, and major life events. Scott was supposed to cut out the last two minutes, and he […]
  • We discuss isolation, and the ways in which doc programs often limit interaction and collaboration. Send Us Your Message in a Bottle, Yeah: Email: Dr. J. Scott Self Email: Dr. […]
  • We were joined by Oscar "Coach" Ramos to discuss the sojourning that many students experience in the space between starting and finishing a doctorate. For some of us, that sojourning […]
  • We were joined by Richard Remedios to discuss how one’s research agenda develops, and what students should watch for in the development of their own research agendas. Contact Us: Email: […]
  • We discuss the process of managing our "todos" and how we sometimes find that we impose odd constraints on ourselves – well, Scott does at least. Contact Us: Email: Dr. […]
  • We were joined by Emerson Graham (they, them) and Sienna Lloyd (she, her) for a great discussion on the ways that gender is represented in culture and in research. They […]